''Believe always in your dreams even the other tell you to not.''
17 years old girl from Portugal.
Student of Arts, lover of dolls (pretty much Monster High and Ever After High), animated movies (mostly How to Train Your Dragon and Disney).
Loves Harry Potter, Star Wars and everything that brings me a smile :)
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Tuesday tips — Costume Design 101.

Costume design is a very important part of character design.  It tells you a whole lot about your character; ie. age, personality, what she/he likes, time period, strength, … etc.  It supposed to enhance a character’s personality.  

Here are my process in tackling costume design.

1.  Find a good reference.  Inspiration is key!

2.  Look for a good shillouette that is recognizable and different from other characters.

3.  Pick one shillouette and find smaller shape within.  Do tons of variation and have fun.

4.  Color variation.  Use variation the same color combination for all the design.  Keep it simple!

5.  Finish up and have fun.  It will also a good idea to think of texture and material.